About Färdinand

I was supposed to be named Färdinand after my grandfather, but for some reason I wasn’t. So that’s the simple story behind why I use the namn.  The Swedish letter "ä" is pronounced as in the "äa" in Häagen-Dazs. 

I've played guitar all my life, but I took a long break due to work, study and lack of inspiration. Last year I found the inspiration again and got back to write music that I grew up with (Soundgarden, Nirvana, Metallica, Green Day, Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc.). I work/worked in the the tech business for +10 years and been part of many of the innovations and products that are used in today mobile devices (camera, imaging, health, audio etc.). I've used music my "yoga" to "zone out" from work.

I never planned to be release the songs I've written since they are "just for me", but the death of one of my heroes Chris Cornell made me rethink that. In the same weeks I also left Microsoft for a new company (within audio), so I wrote the tribute song the city I love, "Seattle". With this song it felt like a natural first step to start to release some of the songs.

I've done everything from writing, singing, playing (guitar, bass, drums, piano etc.), recording and mixing the songs. I'm not an expert in any of it, but hope it's ok anyway. At least it's genuine and honest music directly from the heart, and hopefully into yours ...


Kuyashii rock

Kuyashii rock is my definition of the music I write and play. It's very simplistic, but also more deep and direct and it’s a mixture of guitar based music influenced from rock, pop, grunge, punk, hard rock to sing and song writing.

The word Kuyashii comes from Japanese language and means roughly -”Using words and acts of doubters and negativity as the energy to do great things.” So most negative things can be turned around to something positive - in my opinion. You learn from life ...